This is the reaction we usually get when we share with friends and family what our ambitious retirement plans are.

Three years ago we were bitten by the travel bug when we visited London and Paris during Christmas, and then Portugal in the summer. There’s something about visiting other countries…. something intellectually healthy…. something that stretches you… something intriguing enough to repeat that experience again and again.

I’ll admit when hubby said, “Let’s leave the continent. Let’s move to Europe,” I freaked out. I still loved my job as a 4th grade teacher. I have 7 grand kids I need to dote on. My sister. My dad. My kids. My in laws. …

But, as we talked and Mark coaxed me, I caught the vision and we began planning. We agreed to negotiate visits back to the US a few times a year, which made my twitching mom and grandma heart calm down.

Researching how others had done this showed us possibilities. YouTube tours of places beyond our borders made us hungry for adventures. Mark’s number crunching of finances reassured us we wouldn’t be in ruin. It all started to add up and I’m all in. We’re planning to start this crazy fun in November!

I’ll never get rid of the teacher in me. With that in mind, I’m hoping to add an educational piece to each blog (when school starts back up), so educators anywhere can share the learning with their students.

There’s a trainload of people I want to take along with me. So….

Go With Me Somewhere!

Susan Leedom

Published by GoWithMe

I'm a newly retired 4th grade teacher. Hubby and I caught the travel bug. So, we're starting out our retired lives visiting new places to see what we can see.

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